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What are the late summer and autumn burger trends to help you get ahead?

Our recent research highlighted the growing trend of Asian street food flavours. Here are our top predictions of other trends diners will be craving between their buns over the next six months! 

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How to capitalise on BBQ season

With an exciting summer of sport edging closer and temperatures (hopefully!) starting to sizzle, it’s time to finalise your summer menus – and BBQs should take centre stage! 

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Burgernomics: Are Your Burgers Hitting Their Sales Targets?

Are your buns declining your margins through lost sales opportunities? Discover the latest OOH burger market research to maintain competitive advantage and revenue growth!  

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Britain’s Best Burger: Americana’s Quest to Find The Ultimate Burger Combination

At Americana, we're always on the lookout for the perfect burger recipe. We dive into current trends and explore how operators can make the most out of them. That's why we've recently conducted some exciting research to uncover Britain's ultimate burger. Ready to sink your teeth into our findings?

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Menu Trends to Stay Fresh and Exciting

Customers want to be wowed, excited and surprised. It keeps them coming back for more, but we know that constantly evolving your menu can be hard work. But here’s the good news… keeping things fresh doesn’t have to mean a complete menu overhaul. Let us be your guide to the latest menu trends, with some serving options in there too.  

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National Burger Awards 2024

On Tuesday 20th February, Americana sponsored the National Burger Awards 2024 at the Big Penny Social in London!  

The event featured 16 finalists who are some of the best burger chefs in the UK. On the day, they competed in front a panel of industry experts, cooking across three rounds – Signature, Technical and Plant-Based.  

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Enjoy a Bite of 2024 Sporting Opportunities

With 2024 gearing up to be a big year of sport, now is a great time to tap into the cultural moments getting diners excited. From honouring favourite teams to celebrating feats, there are countless ways to have fun with menus and put burgers at the centre of sporting action. 

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Street Food Championships 2023

On the 7th of November, Americana sponsored the Street Food Championships 2023 at the Big Penny Social in London. The event featured 15 finalists, who competed in front of a panel of industry experts, cooking across three rounds – Signature, Technical, and the Major Chicken Wings round.

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Summer Burger Tips & Recipes

It's summer, and you know what that means; it's time to fire up the grill and make some burgers! Burgers are a great way to bring people together during this season, whether you're diversifying your offering with a barbecue night or refreshing an existing menu.  

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The Best Breads for Barbecue Season

Summer is officially here, and with this comes spending more time in the many hospitality venues around the country. In fact, data is showing that the hospitality industry in the UK has returned to pre-pandemic levels of turnover, with pub and restaurant visitors up 7.5% YOY in 2023.

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BBQ Burger Trends 2023

As BBQ season approaches, it's important to keep up with the latest trends to ensure your menu is fresh, exciting, and appealing to your customers. At Americana, we have been keeping an eye on the latest BBQ trends – read on to find out more!  

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The Latest US Burger Trends Leading UK Menus

American trends are inspiring the UK burger market. Our latest research  reveals the latest and hottest burger trends from the USA affecting the UK burger scene. Giving operators the opportunity to update their menus and boost their profits 

We’ve used our consumer research and collaborated with presenter, chef and grill-master DJ BBQ to create an exclusive new recipe collection for operators to use when premiumising burger menus. 

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Spring Burger Menu Inspiration

A change in season calls for a fresh update to menus. We know operators will be looking to remain competitive with exciting recipes to attract customers – with burgers being at the forefront.

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