Menu Trends to Stay Fresh and Exciting

Customers want to be wowed, excited and surprised. It keeps them coming back for more, but we know that constantly evolving your menu can be hard work. We get itBut here’s the good news… keeping things fresh doesn’t have to mean a complete menu overhaul. It can mean a small tweak here and a new twist there. Let us be your guide to the latest menu trends, with some serving options in there too.  

It’s all in the presentation

First, we had burgers served on boards, then enamelware and more recently a whole host of weird and wonderful array of plate alternatives have come into play. Having fun with how burgers are presented piques interest and creates a point of difference. So, what’s next? We predict a move towards ever-more theatrical displays that tap into consumers' irresistible urge to snap a pic of their food.  

Take inspiration from cocktail makers and elevate burgers to the next level through imaginative and themed serves. Incorporate dry ice, colour-changing ingredients or even sparklers to give burgers the wow factor. 

Mood-boosting goodness

Health and wellbeing aren’t just buzzwords, they are part of the zeitgeist. Consumers – Gen Z especially – are increasingly seeking out ways to boost wellness and if they can have fun along the way, even better. Help customers flip perceptions of burgers by tapping into the mental health benefits and take the mood uplift of biting into a burger to the next level. We’re talking CBD-infused burgers, quinoa burgers and lion’s mane mushroom burgers. Or how about a nutrient-packed layer of super greens atop an iron-rich burger patty? 



Immerse in the experience 

Customers enjoy being part of the action. Open kitchens are one thing, table-side cooking is another entirely. Consider personal mini grills and whip up anticipation by preparing burgers right in front of customer’s eyes.  


Make it personal

Grilled, pan-fried, barbequed, baked… Everyone’s got an opinion on the best way to cook a burger so let customers decide – run a social media poll then host an evening for your customers that does exactly as they asked. Do-it-my-way burgers are where burgers get personal. 

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