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We supply more than just a complete range of quality fast food breads using the latest in baking technology to support every outlet from a burger van to a gastro pub or restaurant. We support you with industry insights, range recommendations, ecommerce tips and support tools for your sales team. 

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A Bread for Every Market

Our Americana fast food breads are being served across multiple channels from small street food stands to some of the largest fast food chains in Europe.

The Americana portfolio has a comprehensive offering from premium Brioche Buns to Soft Floured Baps, catering to the needs of street food stands, sandwich bars, caterers, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and quick service restaurants.

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82% of pubs and restaurants and 84% of consumers agree that a high quality bun is a key characteristic of a gourmet bun

Over 70% already serve gourmet burgers & buns

Trading up to gourmet buns is identified as the key way for outlets to maximize sales.

Must Stock Products

Below you will find our list of must-stock products to meet outlet demand and drive sales

Gourmet Burger Bun Range

Brioche Bun

Most stocked gourmet bun across pub & restaurant menus

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Grill Marked Vegan Brioche Style Bun

Best looking gourmet bun according to consumers

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Gourmet Burger Bun

Gourmet with a difference with Kaiser cut, semolina dusting and subtle San Francisco sourdough flavour

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Unseeded Bun

Not ready to go full Brioche but want a premium option to drive sales and premiumise your menu, you need our Glazed Bun

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Must Stock Classics

Seeded Bun

A pre-sliced, soft and spongy fast food classic seeded bun

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Unseeded Bun

A pre-sliced, soft, and spongy fast food classic bun, for those who prefer to go unseeded

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8.5” Hot Dog Rolls

The perfect length to hold a standard hot dog in a pre-sliced soft white bun

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Insights on what products are selling the best, giving you the knowledge you need to pass on to your clients big and small alike

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