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The Latest Trends to Elevate Your Burger Menu

Britain's Best Burger Menu

Embark on a flavourful journey with us as we unveil the secrets behind Britain’s most adored burger fillings and buns, accompanied by a collection of enticing new recipes, ready to elevate your menus and skyrocket your sales! 

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Bun Voyage – Asian Street Food, the latest trend to put on your burger menu

Journey with us across Asia, where we explore the latest Japanese, Korean and Chinese street food trends. Discover our new burger recipes, inspired by these on-trend flavours.


A gourmet burger journey across the USA - Bun Voyage!

Journey with us across the USA, from California to Florida and discover our new American trend inspired burger recipes, created by BBQ specialist, DJ BBQ…


DJ BBQ Collab

BBQ specialist and burger lover, DJ BBQ (aka Christian Stevenson) has joined forces with Americana to review current burger trends and applications and provide his take on how outlets can deliver exceptional gourmet burger options.


80% of consumers order a hot dog out of home at least once per month

The Americana fully baked, top and side sliced white hot dog rolls are the perfect fast food hot dog roll for quick serve restaurants, fast food outlets, takeaway, and burger vans.

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The appetite for vegan or plant-based dishes is growing

82% of consumers order vegan dishes at least once a month*

With 36% of consumers considering themselves vegan/plant-based or vegetarian**, operators can offer consumers the opportunity to trade up to gourmet, in turn providing profit opportunities for outlets.


Quality Street Food & Gourmet Burgers: 2 Tasty Mega Trends

Tap into two tasty mega trends by serving exciting street food, served in gourmet burger buns – the perfect blank canvas to build out your street food offering. Discover our new street food recipes…


We've teamed up with the UK's leading burger blogger 'Burger Lad'

Spanning interviews and analysis of the burger market by the UK’s leading burger blogger Burger Lad, burger insights & preferences from consumers and expert advice from leading industry decision makers.

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Burger Guide

Together with burger expert, Simon Dukes aka Burger Lad, we have created this Gourmet Burger Guide for all those burger outlets looking to boost their sales by trading up to gourmet. Here you’ll find the latest market data, consumer trends, products and recipes for a successful burger menu that will grow your sales and satisfy your customers.