Journey with us across Asia, where we explore the latest Japanese, Korean and Chinese street food trends. Discover our new burger recipes, inspired by these on-trend flavours.

86% of consumers think Asian flavours could be the next big flavour in street food.

Vendors have the opportunity to increase their competitiveness by spicing up their menus and capitalise on this growing taste trend. Our research shows that a third (33%) of consumers purchase street food at least once a week, and 35% order a burger out of home once a week or more.

Almost half (49%) of respondents say that the opportunity to enjoy Asian flavours would inspire them to choose a street food burger, and 53% agree that when purchasing street food, trying new flavours is a deciding factor.  

Looking at the top trends, Korean Fried Chicken has emerged as the preferred Asian-inspired street food burger recipe, and Chinese Pulled Pork comes in second, followed by Katsu Curry. Sweet chilli, Korean BBQ and Teriyaki are the top Asian flavours when purchasing street food. When asked what they find so appealing about Asian street food, consumers agreed that it tastes delicious, the flavours are bold, and there is a great variety of dishes available. 


Check out our new Asian Street Food inspired recipes:

BBQ Korean Fried Chicken Burger

In an Americana Grill Marked Burger Bun

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Chinese Pulled Pork Burger

In an Americana Brioche Bun

See Full Recipe

Japanese Teriyaki Bean Burger

In an Americana Gourmet Bun

See Full Recipe

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Upgrade your burger menus and infuse them with Asian street food trends. Check out our latest trend research and be inspired by our tasty street food recipes!

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Opeepl – Americana – Street Food Burgers 2023 Research – July 2023