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Fast and easy service is key in foodservice and it’s important to accomplish this without compromising on taste, quality and customer satisfaction. 77% of consumers are likely to order a burger at least once a month or more in a pub or restaurant. Combined with the gourmet burger trend it’s essential to have a burger on your menu.

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Why stock Americana in your pub or restaurant?​

Must Stock Products

Supplying a quality range of on-trend Gourmet Burger Buns to suit every menu. All of our gourmet and classic buns are made using a traditional American sponge and dough method to give a distinctive flavour and texture (unique to Lantmännen Unibake UK).

Time Saving

All Americana products are supplied frozen and pre-sliced, meaning you can prepare and serve products as is and when you need them, quickly and easily, with minimal wastage. Simply thaw and serve in under 2hrs. 

Vegan & Halal

All of our products are Halal and certified with the Vegan Society (apart from the Brioche range which is still vegetarian). With eating vegan a growing trend, this is an offering you will want on your menu. 

2/3 of consumers would be disappointed if their burger was not in a gourmet bun.

Trading up to gourmet buns is identified as the key way for outlets to maximizesales.


Must Stock Products​

Below you will find our list of must-stock products for your pub or restaurant to boost your sales​

Gourmet Bun Range

Brioche Bun

Most stocked gourmet bun across pub & restaurant menus

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Grill Marked Vegan Brioche Style Bun

Best looking gourmet bun according to consumers

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Gourmet Burger Bun

Gourmet with a difference with Kaiser cut, semolina dusting and subtle San Francisco sourdough flavour

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Breakfast and Lunch Range

Soft Deli Roll

Soft and spongy, ideal for encasing hot or cold sub filling. 

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