Britain's Best Burger Menu

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Embark on a flavourful journey with us we unveil the secrets behind Britain’s most adored burger fillings, accompanied by a collection of enticing new recipes featuring our range of Americana Gourmet Buns ready to elevate your menus and skyrocket your sales! 

With 1.3 billion burgers consumed annually in the UK each year

...outlets can enhance competitiveness and broaden choice by infusing menus with classic flavours and gourmet ingredients that captivate consumers. Our latest research shows that 77% of out-of-home market customers indulge in a burger at least once a month, and burgers are prominently featured on 23.9% of all pub and restaurant main menus experiencing steady growth year-on-year.

Burger consumers are willing to shell out 58% more for a gourmet experience

...making the addition of premium buns and the right quality fillings a savvy strategy for operators.

When it comes to the bun, consumers would also pay £1.35 more for their burger in a gourmet bun!

With consumers willing to spend £7 more for Britain’s Best Burger Menu served in a gourmet bun

...leverage our recipes and unlock the secrets behind Britain’s most sought-after burger fillings. Elevate your menu, captivate your audience, and watch your sales soar to new heights! 


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Hungry for more? Discover Britain’s Best Burger Recipes below!

Prime Time Beef Burger

The Ultimate British Beef Burger. Served in an Americana Brioche Bun!

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What A Chick! Chicken Burger

The Chicken Burger of dreams with some of Britain’s most favourite fillings. Served in an Americana Grill Marked Burger Bun!

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Halloumination Veggie Burger

Hallou it’s mi! Check out the ultimate Halloumi burger served in our Americana Gourmet Bun!

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Grill Marked Burger Bun

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