How to capitalise on BBQ season

With an exciting summer of sport edging closer and temperatures (hopefully!) starting to sizzle, it’s time to finalise your summer menus – and BBQs should take centre stage! 

Simple to set up, easy to manage and a great opportunity to be creative, BBQs offer the perfect balance of theatre and flavour to give your burgers standout appeal. 

Our research found that 84% of consumers dining out will order a burger at least once a month, so having them centre stage on your menu for summer is crucial.

What’s more, 85% said it’s vital that a premium burger is sandwiched between a gourmet bun to ensure it holds together and offers an all-round premium experience.

To capitalise on this year's summer BBQ opportunity, follow these five trends from DJ BBQ (aka Christian Stevenson). 

  1. First up, smashed patties. People are tired of super thick burgers – they want more texture and more flavour. Opting for thinner, high-piled smashed patties gives more opportunity for sauces, cheese and garnishes to be placed inside the layers. This results in a more balanced flavour running throughout the burgers.   

  2. Sustainability. We’re seeing eateries all over the world cut back on single-use plastic, especially in fast-food settings. This is an easy trend to replicate for BBQ season in pubs and restaurants as it’s all about switching plastic cutlery and polystyrene packaging for metal cutlery and plates, even when outside. 

  3. Meat is making a comeback. There’s still demand for plant-based and veggie burgers, but more and more customers are ordering meat. Focus on quality meat sourced locally but keep the halloumi stacks and veggie patties that we know people love and you’ll have the perfect balance. 

  4. Live fire burgers. BBQ season isn’t a thing unless a naked flame is involved. The key here is flavour and theatre. Forget gas! For that smoky taste that we all love on a BBQ, you need quality charcoal and seasoned wood. To keep people coming back, they want an experience, and the theatre of a live fire gives them that. 

  5. Local produce. Pubs and restaurants are seeking out local suppliers to source meat and fresh ingredients. In doing this, they reduce their carbon footprint and create a local story for their menus to show the journey from field to fork. 

As always, no BBQ or burger is complete without a bun. At Americana, we have a range of burger buns, hot dog rolls and gourmet buns to complete your summer menus. From buttery brioche and sesame seeds to grill marks and gluten-free baps, there is something for all menu options. 


Credit photo 2: National Burger Awards 2023: H20 Publishing

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