What are the late summer and autumn burger trends to help you get ahead?

Providing a menu that delivers what customers want, influences eating habits and drives footfall should be high up the list of all outlets. One of the main ways to achieve success is by being strategic with your product offerings and tailoring menus to the latest market trends. 

Our recent research highlighted the growing trend of Asian street food flavours, here are our top predictions of other trends diners will be craving between their buns over the next 6 months! 

Extreme flavours

As autumn swings around and temperatures dip, the trend for extreme flavours is set to heat things up. With a natural home in spices, sauces and dressings, these new frontiers of flavour, only suitable for the most daring, translate into very interesting recipes. It’s all about being new, providing a challenge and pushing taste buds to the limit. Extreme peppercorns, red chilli flakes, hot sauce, jalapeños, and other fiery components are about to become the ingredients of choice. 

Butter burgers

First, we had butter boards, now we have butter burgers. Originating from Wisconsin, USA and creating a storm on social media, the inside of the burger bun is topped with a thick slice of butter which melts into the patty providing a juicy, butter-drenched mouthful. Super-indulgent, super tasty and super American. Our quality range of burger buns are perfect for this trend as they don’t go soggy and are made using traditional sponge and dough to give structure. Try a soft and spongy Glazed Burger Bun

Quality ingredients from local suppliers

As we move into the second half of the year, we will see an increased focus on quality meats and ingredients, sourced from local producers as consumers step up their quest to learn more about the journey of their food from field to fork.  

Bun quality is also an important factor to consider here, as highlighted in our recent consumer research, where 84% said a gourmet bun is a key characteristic to a gourmet burger offering. 

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Opeepl – Americana – Street Food Burgers 2023 Research – July 2023