Summer Burger Tips & Recipes

It's summer, and you know what that means; it's time to fire up the grill and make some burgers! Burgers are a great way to bring people together during this season, whether you're diversifying your offering with a barbecue night or refreshing an existing menu.  

Burgers are also perfect for those warm summer evenings when hospitality venues are at their busiest and you want something that is easy to prep, cooks quickly and can easily be dished up.  


For inspiration, here are our favourite summer burger recipes and easy tips to make them standout on your menu, helping you make the most of the warmer months.  


The Best Burger Recipes for Summer 

  • Korean Inspired Kimchi BurgerKorean barbeque is hugely popular right now, so capitalise on this trend by adding kimchi, and allow its delicious umami flavour to take your beefburger to the next level. 
  • Asian Style Pulled Pork Burger – A beef patty topped with pulled pork that has been flavoured with sweet chili sauce, with layers of crisp, crunchy Asian Coleslaw salad – the contrasting textures and diverse flavours make this burger a winner! 
  • Massachusetts Mac & Cheese Monkfish Burger - For a premium and indulgent offering, look no further than this burger. Mac & Cheese filling infused with lightly pan-fried Monkfish served in an Americana Gourmet Grill Marked Burger Bun – bon appetite!  


Tips for Making the Perfect Burger 

  • Choose the right type of filling for your bun – A great burger with tasty toppings, served in the best bun is a must-have on any menu, especially in the summer months, but ensure you’re choosing the right filling and bun combinations when planning your dish. For instance, the Americana Gourmet Burger Bun uses a unique recipe that doesn’t just add a traditional sourdough flavour, but also has a firmer texture which soaks up sauces and meat juices.  
  • Season your filling - If you want to add extra flavour to your burgers, season them before cooking or for beef burgers, before forming them into patties. You can use any seasoning blend that suits your audience and menu - just remember not to overdo it and take away from the flavours coming from the filling themselves. Cajun seasonings and Italian herbs, like oregano and basil, are a great place to start.  
  • Don’t be scared to experiment – The great thing about burgers is that, with a main filling, a couple of toppings and a suitable bun, they are really easy to experiment

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