The Latest US Burger Trends Leading UK Menus

American trends are inspiring the UK burger market. Our latest research reveals the hottest burger trends from the USA affecting the UK burger scene. Giving operators the opportunity to update their menus and boost their profits

We’ve used our consumer research and collaborated with presenter, chef and grill-master DJ BBQ to create an exclusive new recipe collection for operators to use when premiumising burger menus.

DJ BBQ’s recipes allow outlets to take customers on a tasty trip, from California to Massachusetts, and Oklahoma to Florida via Tennessee.


With an uncertain year ahead for pubs and restaurants, operators are looking to remain competitive with their menu offerings, to attract customers and drive profit.

Our research has found that infusing a British burger with American flavours is a growing trend, with 90% of consumers preferring an American-inspired burger, and 62% believing that the influence of American burger trends significantly improves a menu.

This suggests that premiumising a classic burger offering with a gourmet bun and on-trend American-inspired, quality ingredients may be the key to unlocking sales in 2023.

This presents operators with an opportunity to update their burger menus by trading up to flavours inspired by American classics, thereby offering something fresh, different, and in line with consumer demand. This will positively influence the bottom line, with 41% of consumers claiming they would pay £10-£14.99 for a burger with an American twist, and an additional 24% stating they would pay up to £19.99.

American-inspired Burger Recipes by DJ BBQ

To make it easier for operators to utilise American burger trends, we’ve teamed up with BBQ specialist and burger lover, DJ BBQ (aka Christian Stevenson), to create new American-inspired burger recipes:

1. Florida Cajun Chicken Burger

A blackened chicken breast with pomegranate slaw served in an Americana Gourmet Burger Bun.

Full Recipe

2. Tennessee Hot Chicken Burger

A crispy chicken burger with a spicy tinge served in an Americana Gourmet Burger Bun.

Full Recipe

3. Massachusetts Mac & Cheese Monkfish Burger

Mac & Cheese filling infused with lightly pan-fried Monkfish served in an Americana Gourmet Grill Marked Burger Bun.

Full Recipe

4. Oklahoma Smash Burger

A smashed beef patty topped with sweet onions, smoky bacon and Monterey Jack cheese served in an Americana Gourmet Brioche Burger Bun.

Full Recipe

5. Californian French Dip Burger,

A classic Cheeseburger with caramelised onions, dunked in thick gravy served in an Americana Gourmet Brioche Burger Bun.

Full Recipe

Gourmet Burger Buns

To ensure a premium offering when including these recipes on menus, operators must ensure they serve the burger in a gourmet bun. With 85% of consumers agreeing that it is vital that a quality burger is topped with a gourmet bun, it is clear that providing a premium bun not only makes a burger look top-notch but also enhances the overall taste of the burger. 

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Opeepl – Americana – Bun Voyage 2023 Research – December 2022