Enjoy a Bite of 2024 Sporting Opportunities

With 2024 gearing up to be a big year of sport, now is a great time to tap into the cultural moments getting diners excited. From honouring favourite teams to celebrating feats, there are countless ways to have fun with menus and put burgers at the centre of sporting action. 

Here we take a look at the headline sporting events set to bring tension, heroics and cheer to the next twelve months and how you can use them to drive sales and connect with audiences.  

The Guinness Six Nations Rugby Championship

For those who like their balls oval-shaped, the end of January/beginning of February is always a calendar highlight. This year’s Guinness Six Nations Rugby Championship will see England, France, Italy, Scotland and Wales compete with current champions, Ireland, for the coveted trophy.  

A Six Nations-inspired burger - created with ingredients representing each country - will be just the ticket to pull in hungry sports fans. Kick it off with a tasty Aberdeen Angus steak from Scotland atop an Americana Brioche Bun for a French vibe. Layer on an incredible three-cheese combo bringing together Italian mozzarella, English stilton and Welsh cheddar, and finish it off with a taste of Ireland and a generous smothering of smoky Guinness barbeque sauce. A Six Nations burger for the leaderboard. 


UEFA European Championship 2024 

Spanning a whole month, 51 matches and 24 countries, not to mention the fact that football fans have been waiting three years, there’s no doubt about it: UEFA Euro 2024 from 14th June to 14th July is going to be big. There are loads of directions that you can take with this one but for breadth of experience and to offer something for all tastes, we’re backing a Euros Speciality Burger Menu.  

Showcase the unique spin each team’s home country puts upon the mighty burger, taking diners on a culinary journey. Serve up the Nürnburger from Germany - three thin bratwursts with mustard and fried onions on a bun - or offer the host nation’s famous sauerkraut sandwiched in an Americana Jumbo Hot Dog Roll. From Finland, how about a reindeer burger served with lingonberry jam or Greece’s Moussaka Burger? It’s exactly as it sounds: lamb patties topped with a slice of griddled aubergine - delicious. A Gyros Burger from Turkey will also score points with its 50/50 mix of ground beef and lamb and tzatziki sauce and Denmark’s answer to the hamburger, bøfsandwich, has got to be in the all-star line-up. This ‘beef sandwich’ is served with ketchup, French mustard, and THREE types of onions - raw, grilled, and crispy roasted. For something closer to home, mix beef mince, haggis and carrots, turnips and potatoes to create a well-rounded patty that celebrates Scotland.    

2024 Summer Olympic Games

A summer of everything from pole vaulting and gymnastics to skateboarding and karate is in store as over 200 nations from across the world come together for the Summer Olympics. This is a party you want to be part of. 

Everyone will be a winner if you serve up a Gold Medal Burger. Think luxe ingredients and you’re on the right lines: Wagyu beef, truffle shavings, smoked duck egg… If it’s indulgent it belongs in this burger. To finish? A dusting of gold on an Americana Glazed Bun from our gourmet range and five (Olympic) onion rings of course.  

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