National Burger Awards 2024

On Tuesday 20th February, Americana sponsored the National Burger Awards 2024 at the Big Penny Social in London!  

The event featured 16 finalists who are some of the best burger chefs in the UK. On the day, they competed in front a panel of industry experts, cooking across three rounds – Signature, Technical and Plant-Based.  

As a main sponsor, Americana supplied our range of Gourmet Buns for the Technical and Plant-Based rounds of the competition where the finalists could choose between our Brioche Bun (technical) – Gourmet Burger Bun (technical and plant-based) and Grill Marked Burger Bun (technical and plant-based)

We wanted to extend a massive shout-out to all who competed and a massive congratulations to Bleecker for winning the National Burger of the Year, Bun & Sum for winning chef of the year with our Americana Grill Marked Burger Bun, FATTSO for winning Plant-Burger of the Year with our Gourmet Bun and Whole Beast for winning Bloggers choice!  

The full list of winners were:

National Burger of the Year: Celine Raeburn - Bleecker 

National Burger Chef of the Year: Farbez Uddin – Bun & Sum 

National Plant-Based Burger of the Year: Hamish Macdonald – Fattso 

Bloggers Choice Award: Sam Bryant, Whole Beast  

National Freakshake of the Year: Francesca  Hudspeth –  MeatCastles 

To check out more information about the event head over to: OOH Magazine - Story 

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