DJ BBQ - Blackened Cajun Chicken Burger, in an Americana Gourmet Burger Bun


1 x Higher Welfare Chicken Breast

1 x Americana Gourmet Burger Bun (Sourdough Kaiser Cut) - toasted

1 Tsp Paprika

¼ Tsp Cayenne

½ Tsp Garlic Powder

¼ Tsp Onion Powder

½ Tsp Oregano

¼ Tsp Dried Thyme

¼ Tsp Salt 


Lime Mayo Slaw

¼ Red Cabbage - finely chopped

¼ White Cabbage - finely chopped

½ Carrot - ribboned

½ Apple - finely sliced

Handful of Coriander - chopped

1 Lime

1 Tbsp Mayo



Gonna say it right here and right now.  My all-time favourite chicken burger recipe. Yup, the one you are about to rock!  I discovered Blackened spices at a seafood restaurant I worked at back in the late 80’s.  The Wharf in Ocean City, Maryland. Blackened fish steaks were my new favourite thing.  Then I started putting the seasoning on chicken and voila….even better and less expensive. 


Firstly, combine your herbs and spices to create your blackened seasoning, that will be creating a party in your mouth.


Beat the chicken flat until the breast is a uniform thickness. Brush with oil and make it rain seasoning, ensuring the breast has a good, even covering. 


Heat your pan, skillet or plancha to a medium heat and add a tablespoon of oil. Cook the seasoned chicken for about four minutes a side or until cooked through then put to one side to rest.


Whilst your chicken is cooking combine all your slaw ingredients and mix well.


For this recipe I’m using the kaiser cut Americana Gourmet Burger Bun. This soft bun is made with a sourdough, providing the great balance of flavours for the savoury chicken and creamy slaw. This is a wet burger, so make sure you toast your bun for the final build, to contain all that moisture.


Now its construction time! Slice the chicken and pile into the bun, then hit it with the tang from the lime mayo slaw, top with the awesome Gourmet bun and there you go!  The tastiest Chicken burger ever conceived.  Boomtown!



DJ BBQ has helped develop three ‘rocking’ (his words!) burger recipes, which he claims should feature on every burger menu:

  • The Oklahoma ‘Smash’ Cheeseburger, in an Americana Brioche Bun. This ultimate double cheeseburger uses the best quality beef mince ‘smashed’ with grilled onions and coated in American mustard. It is then double layered into the toasted Americana Brioche Bun with Monterey Jack cheese, iceberg lettuce, pickle chips, ketchup, and mayo for the juiciest burger around.
  • Finally – the Vegan Mushroom Korean Kimchi Burgerserved in a vegan Americana Grill Marked Burger Bun. With 37% finding Asian flavours appealing, this quick and simple vegan option, with flavours of Korea, delivers extreme umami. Grilled portobello mushrooms, marinated in a sweet soy and sesame glaze and filled with vegan kimchi, are placed into a toasted Americana Grill Marked Burger Bun to provide a rival for any meat-based burger.

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